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This 9-week home-study program will help you to discover your greatest potentiality by removing the barriers to living fully in the Truth of who you are – beautiful, imaginative, intuitive, gifted, creative, loving and empowered.

For only $333, you will receive 9 lessons, tools, resources and effective practices, as well as personalized weekly coaching by Rebecca, which allows you to share you experiences, ask questions and receive guidance and feedback.

Group workshops are also available, upon request.

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The Lessons that will change your life

Lesson One

Who Am I?

Learn to recognize Who You Truly Are – a wondrous being with potential for greatness.

Lesson Two

Understanding the Ego

The ego is different than your True Self. Learn to embrace both, yet allow your Authentic Self to lead the way.

Lesson Three

Power of Thought

“So I think, so I must experience” Learn how the power of positive thinking can attract amazing opportunities and experiences into your life.

Lesson Four

Your Feelings are Your Roadmap

Discover how understanding and embracing your feelings empowers you to become more available and open to life.

Lesson Five

Freedom in Forgiveness

Learn how to let go and forgive to find the beauty in all of life’s experiences.

Lesson Six

Willingness, Choice & Intention

Life is forged by our choices. Learn why we make the choices we do – and why those decisions matter.

Lesson Seven

Self-care and Confidence

Learn the importance of balance in achieving optimal health and happiness.

Lesson Eight

Awareness and the Experience of NOW

Discover how living in the Present allows you greater awareness and ultimate fulfillment.

Lesson Nine

It’s all Within You!

Consider the fundamental question, “Who Am I?” from a powerful and expanded new perspective.


Course Culmination

A surprise awaits!

‘Remember Who You Are’ Today!